Immerse yourself in the beauty of breathtaking views, the rocky soil, the Dalmatian winds, the life-giving sun, in other words perfect grape growing conditions. People have been making wine here for the past two thousand years.

2000 years ago Old Romans left us a legacy. Three testaments: the hypocaust, 102 amphorae, the Machina Nova. The hypocaust is the heated room from the 2nd century found near Šibenik, used by the old Romans to mature harvested grapes. 102 amphorae were used for the transportation of wine and olive oil and were found buried deep in the Adriatic Sea near Šibenik. Machina Nova was invented by the famous inventor Faust Vrančić, and was used as a wine press.

We are designing a modern winery that will make you feel at one with nature. We gladly receive guests — you are certainly invited to visit.

Innovative technology along with one of the leading winemakers created this rich and complex Dalmatian wine. Taste Testament and testify to its greatness.


Our vineyards are located in the wine-growing region of Northern Dalmatia, in the immediate vicinity of the medieval town, Šibenik. With the unique climate and the specificity of the soil, our grapes have constantly struggled to grow and thrive. This centuries-old ritual of survival is felt and seen in our wines’ intense and deep colors, and in their intense flavors and aromas.


It is as if each drop of our wine contains the history of the area’s rich wine making past. Our unique wines come from the Pošip and Babić grape. Both varieties are indigenous, and Babić grapes only grow on this part of the Dalmatian coast, where our vineyard and a few other wineries are located. And this is why it is cherished — only 100,000 bottles of premium Babić wine are produced in the world annually, most of which are Testament Wines. We also produce the Opol wine from Babić grapes. Our wines are created in an organic production process with the benefits of the region’s special microclimate and soil, giving them a particularly rich and complex taste. Feel the rich heritage of our wines’ millennial history. Try them and testify to their greatness.